In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar on Highway 191 near Monument Valley









I began building willow fence panels 12 years ago after seeing a freeform willow fence in a nearby town. I liked the idea but envisioned a more geometric pattern with a strong foundation. I also wanted them to be moveable.

The solution I found was to use galvanized steel panel, weaving the patterns of willow within the grid. Over time I perfected the process and was able to produce garden panels in a variety of patterns, textures and colors.

At this time I use three types of plants to build the panels and furniture. They are Coyote willow, young tamarisk shoots and cottonwood saplings. I recently discovered an area where after a large flood, thousands of cottonwood saplings took root along sandbars. For the past year I have been harvesting and incorporation them into my panels and furniture. The contrast in color and texture creates interesting natural patterns.

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Hazards of the Trade

Harvesting willow and other natural materials in remote sections of Southeast Utah can present various hazards which one should be aware of. These include:


  1. Quicksand: if you are alone, which I usually am...your career is over.
  2. Wildlife: There are various species of creatures which can also
    end your career. ie. Mountain lion, Bear, Feral cattle, rattlesnakes,
    black widows, scorpions, fire ants, irritated beaver (you are their
    only competition) and the occasional rabid goose, or rez dog
  3. Getting lost
  4. Fugitives from Colorado
  5. Forgotten spring traps
  6. Rouge willow shoots which wait to slap you in the face
    when you least expect it. (always wear glasses!)
  7. Falling spy satellites?????
  8. Flash floods
  9. Killer bees
  10. Hidden marijuana fields