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Privacy screen for outdoor sleeping










I am always looking for different plant material for my weavings. Primarily I use willow, tamarisk and cottonwood. The different colors, textures and designs make my work different from the traditional waddle fences found in England and Europe.

My willow panels are unique not only in their varying designs but also how they are constructed. I weave the panels within a strong steel wire framework that allows for more flexibility in design as well as strength and durability.

Garden panels can be any size or configuration to suit your needs and are very easy to install. They have been used for gardens, porches, wall hangings and room dividers. Outdoors they are unique in that while providing privacy they will let a breeze pass through. I treat the garden panels with a linseed oil based finish and if treated periodically, they will last a lifetime.

At my studio I usually have a good inventory of finished pieces for sale and will email photos to interested parties. Contact me for pricing. I will personally deliver within the Four Corners region usually for expenses incurred. Most customers pick up their orders on site. The smaller interior panels up to four feet in width will usually fit in the back of an SUV or van and also are sturdy enough to be attached to a rack atop the vehicle. I once had a customer duct tape a four-foot panel to the top of his car and drive to California. He made it okay!!

Grand Junction Installation

Grand Junction Installation